What is Bulk SMS

What is bulk SMS ? As popular as bulk SMS as become, it is not surprising to still find people who are yet to know what bulk SMS is and this is the reason for this article you are reading right now.

You may have heard ‘bulk SMS’ from friends, family, various groups you belong to or even in the church. People talk about sending bulk SMS and you begin to wonder what it is right ?

This article will in few sentences answer your question ‘what is bulk SMS’.

Funny enough it’s just a combination of two English words which you should already know

BULK : meaning Many, plenty, numerous. You understand when something is said to be bulky right ?

SMS : Short Message Service as you already know. SMS is a short message unlike email that has no limit. You can almost send a whole book as email unlike SMS.

Now combining the two words BULK and SMS…………………………….

I hear you say MANY SMS, PLENTY SMS, NUMEROUS SMS. LOL. Call it whatever you wish as long as you now understand what it means.


Bulk SMS is a medium through which you can send SMS to many contacts but just at A SINGLE CLICK of the button and most times through the internet unlike the conventional way of sending SMS from your phone.

One other major difference which makes bulk SMS super is the fact that you can choose the Sender Name you desire to be displayed to your recipients when they receive your message even when it is not saved in their phones.

You just get your recipients’ phone numbers in one place, type your message and input the name which you want to display.

Click Send and messages are delivered in seconds.

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I must say at this point that it is expensive sending SMS in bulk through your mobile phone, I mean the conventional way but bulk SMS is cheaper and Megrich Mobile is the cheapest way to send bulk SMS.

I believe by now your question, ‘what is bulk SMS’ has been partly answered and you have understood it. The next time you will be searching google, it will be a different question and not WHAT IS BULK SMS ?

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