Start Your Bulk SMS Business

How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

I will explain explicitly in 5 steps how to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria and how to make money through SMS.

I have been in this bulk SMS business since 2011. Awareness and interest in this bulk SMS business opportunity for making money through bulk SMS is on the increase. The increasing number of my bulk SMS resellers alone is enough proof to suffice.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write this guide to help many who are not aware understand this bulk SMS business opportunity.

By the end of this article, the following below would have been touched:

  • Is bulk SMS business profitable?
  • How lucrative is bulk SMS business?
  • Making money through bulk SMS
  • How profitable is bulk sms business in Nigeria?
  • How to start bulk SMS reseller business in Nigeria.
  • Bulk SMS reseller business opportunity.
  • How does bulk SMS business work?
  • How to market bulk SMS service

Is Bulk SMS Business Profitable?

There is no business that is never profitable. The profitability of a business depends so much on the way and manner it’s being run.

Think of any business whatsoever, even if it seems it’s not profitable for someone you know personally, it is for another.

I’ve heard many people say bulk SMS is not profitable because so many people are into it already. This is not a reason to say a business isn’t profitable rather, it tells you there is much cash in that area.

Business-minded people are attracted to where money is flowing. So, if you notice them trooping towards a particular direction my dear, check it out, something great is happening that way.

So, the fact that so many people are tapping into the bulk sms business opportunity is a signal to you that this niche is highly profitable.

I hope you are also aware that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) also has a bulk SMS platform. They understand the level of wealth in this niche and they also want to tap into it.

GTB Bulk SMS Image Here

How Lucrative is Bulk SMS Business?

A friend of mine, whom I personally talked into starting his own bulk SMS reseller business gave me a call sometime last year.

He was telling me what level his profit was within a short time. He said he was making a whopping sum of 300k monthly as at then.

You see, according to expert’s analysis, the profitability of bulk sms business is high in Nigeria and is still on the increase.

Why this? As the number of GSM Mobile Phone users is increasing so is the need for bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS business cannot stop being profitable as long as we have mobile phones. The so many advantages of bulk sms compared to other means of disseminating information and advertising is another valid reason.

Advantages of Bulk SMS over other forms of Advertising

  • Open Rate– 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient within an average of five seconds.

This is impressive especially when compared to the 20% average open rates of email. Of this 20% that open their email many open on average time of forty eight hours.

Therefore, choose bulk SMS everytime you want to make sure that your message is seen by the highest percentage of people in your marketing database.

  • Speed and Flexibility– With bulk SMS, campaigns, adverts etc can be conceived of and delivered to their target audience in a matter of minutes.
  • Low Cost and High ROI– The cost of Newspaper ads, TV commercials and almost all forms of outdoor advertising is just too high for most small to medium sized businesses. But for as low as N1900 you can get in touch with 1000 people in a matter of seconds.

With this cost effectiveness and high return in investment, bulk SMS marketing is an essential marketing tool for any modern SME.

  • Bulk SMS reaches individual customers directly and deliver messages to the right target promptly.

How Does Bulk SMS Business Work

Now, you will learn quickly how bulk SMS business works.

Majorly, you have to be reseller in one or the other.

Many people don’t like the word RESELLER. Yes! I know this because I see severally on different online for a where people ask HOW CAN I START BULK SMS BUSINESS IN NIGERIA WITHOUT BECOMING A RESELLER?

Well, may I inform you just in case you do not know that all bulk SMS providers in Nigeria are resellers. Becoming a bulk SMS gateway owner is highly capital intensive.

So, to start your bulk SMS business, you’ll buy from a wholesaler at affordable prices and reseller through your portal to your acquired clients.

Here are 5 steps to start your bulk SMS business in Nigeria

Step 1: Get a Quality and Affordable Bulk SMS Provider

First thing to do is to search for a provider with quality and affordable. Take note of the sequence QUALITY then AFFORDABLE.

Dont go after cheap prices alone but best price for best quality, don’t be misled. Don’t start your business wrongly else it will be difficult to rebuild it when it crumbles.

The truth is bulk SMS is getting more expensive than it used to be. When you see ridiculously cheap prices, run! If you buy from such, you’ll regret it. Megrich Mobile Bulk SMS Services is here to give you the best quality and premium delivery at the cheapest price.

Step 2: Get Your Own Bulk SMS Portal

Either get someone to design for you a bulk SMS portal, this is usually a bit expensive or get your newly found SMS provider to design for you or finally design for yourself which is the cheapest though you need to learn how to do that.

I can assure you, this can be time consuming. You may also want to expand your business beyond bulk sms and include something like shortcode etc.

You sure would need an Application Programming Interface (API) here

Step 3: Connect Your Portal to Your Provider’s

This is done through what is Called Application Programming Interface (API). First you need to create a bulk SMS account on your provider’s portal which u will link to yours. Once that is done, any SMS you send from your portal will pass through your provider’s portal.

Step 4: Buy Bulk SMS Units

Buy bulk SMS Units to fund your bulk SMS Account to start sending bulk SMS. Before you start bulksmsing, this step has to be fulfilled.

Step 5: Promote Your Portal

The final thing you need to do is to start promoting your bulk SMS business in Nigeria. There are several ways which include both online and offline. These include Word of Mouth, SEO for organic traffic, and paid traffics like Google Adwords, Facebook, link building etc. We can help you do on-page and off-page SEO for your business to rank high in google search.

In simple terms, this is basically how bulk sms business works.

How to Market Bulk SMS Service

How to market your bulk sms service is the next thing to know after setting up your bulk SMS business.

Of course, the major reason you want to venture into the bulk SMS business is to make some money.

If you do not have clients who are paying for your service, you can’t make money.

Therefore, there is need to market you service so the billions of people on the internet could see your business.

How Profitable is Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria