How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria online From Phone

Do you know how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria?

Yes you have been receiving all kinds of messages on your and must have been wondering how it was done coupled with the fact that it was customized as well.

Probably a friend also told you these messages are sent in bulk through the internet. Hence he called it bulk SMS.

You have since then been searching online for how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria.

Google has brought you to the right website where you will not only learn how to send bulk sms in Nigeria but you will as well be able to send bulk SMS using this portal if you can only register an account. Our bulk SMS service is top notched and we are glad to tell you that we are the best bulk SMS site in Nigeria.

You Can Send Bulk SMS Through Almost Any Device That Can Access The Internet

The truth is, once you can access the internet through whatever means you have (be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) then you can send bulk SMS in Nigeria.

If you don’t even know what bulk SMS is you can read this article What is Bulk SMS?

The whole process of doing your bulk SMS registration in Nigeria will be explained explicitly here. So relax and continue reading.

I’ll explain to you in short simple steps how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria using this portal to do the demonstration.

To create a bulk SMS account on this portal is the simplest thing you can ever do in your entire life.

Lol! That was an exaggeration but to register on this bulk SMS website is very very easy. Your registration is completed by just a single click on the button REGISTER after entering your details.

How to Create a Bulk SMS Account

1. Visit

How to send bulk SMS in Nigeria











2. Locate the Menu Item labelled REGISTER on the Main Menu of the website and Click on it. You will be taken to a page just like the picture below.

How to send bulk SMS in Nigeria

3. Fill in your Name, Username, Email, Password and Phone number into their respective fields as they are on the form. Then Click REGISTER.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed your registration. You are now a proud owner of a bulk SMS account.

Now, Let’s Learn How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

This is the real deal. This is what you have been waiting for.

To send bulk SMS, you need to log into your account to gain access into the SMS Control Panel.

The Control Panel contains all the Menus you’ll need to enjoy diverse of features while trying to send bulk SMS.

1. Login by typing the username you registered with and your chosen password into the respective fields as indicated on the login form.

After a successful login, you’ll see a screen like the one below

How to send bulk sms in Nigeria

In case what you see after login is not as above, no need to worry. There’s always a menu at the left side bar of the website which is same as those icons.

They are just all you need to accomplish your desires as far as bulk SMS is concerned.

2. Click on Compose SMS either on the list of Icons or on the left side bar. You’ll see a screen like the one below.

How to send bulk sms in Nigeria


3 Different Ways To Get Your Contacts Uploaded

At this point, you need to know there are 3 different ways of sending bulk SMS.

First, TYPE RECIPIENTS: Here you’ll type all the numbers separating each by comma or press enter after each number to keep number 2 under number 1 and number 3 under number 2 etc.

Second, UPLOAD PHONE NUMBERS: You’d have typed all your recipients’ number in a notepad file on the computer or phone still separating each by commas or pressing enter after each number as explained on the first step.

You should have all these saved and then click on UPLOAD RECIPIENTS. You’ll have to direct the upload to the folder where younhave your notepad file saved and then click on the file.

Third option is to choose PHONE BOOK and select the phone book group where you must have saved your recipient’s numbers.


Best Bulk SMS Site in Nigeria


Finding the cheapest and best bulk SMS site in Nigeria amongst all bulk SMS solutions providing bulk SMS service in Nigeria isn’t an easy task.

To send SMS online is the way to go in this current dispensation as thousands of SMS can be sent at the click of a button and thousands of recipients receive under few seconds.

This is by far better than the conventional way of sending SMS through mobile phones.
Bulk SMS in Nigeria has brought solutions to the SMS needs of almost every area of life.

Megrich Mobile Marketing portal prides in providing the reliable and cheap bulk SMS service.

We are the best bulk SMS site in Nigeria.

Our bulk SMS service gives you a platform to send SMS online.

We are one of the few SMS solutions in Nigeria that provide quality and premium complete mobile marketing portal that meets all your SMS needs.

When looking for the best bulk SMS site in Nigeria, you need to make sure they provide complete bulk SMS solutions with the following features:

  • They should be one of the providers of the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria.
  • Apart from being one of the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria, they should infact and most importantly, be reliable. This is actually the main reason you are sending SMS anyway.

There are so many reasons one could get an SMS SENDING FAILED UNITS error message.

The reasons could be that your SMS provider doesn’t have enough units to send the particular number of messages you are trying to send.

One way you can check this is to try and send a test bulk SMS to few numbers maybe 2 or 3 and check if they are sent successfully and delivered.

A second reason is this, the number you are trying to send to is on DND list which means DO NOT DISTURB list.

The route may not have any issue at all but cannot deliver to numbers that are on DO NOT DISTURB list especially MTN numbers.

Premium DND Route – Best Bulk SMS Site in Nigeria

Be informed that Megrich Mobile has a route that can deliver to your MTN DND active numbers. This is cool! Don’t you think so?

Another reason is that your bulk SMS provider is not reliable. This is the case most of the time but your bulk SMS provider may not reveal this to you.

To confirm this, try to send bulk SMS to a single phone number which you are very sure isn’t DND active, if it doesn’t deliver then there is an issue with your bulk SMS provider’s service.

Any website where you send bulk SMS that don’t get delivered to your recipients is not a good one for you.

User Friendliness

  • The best bulk SMS site in Nigeria should have a website interface which is user friendly.

Clients should be able to navigate through the website without any issues.

You may not always want to place a call before you can navigate through the site.

This is for your comfort so you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Free Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Should provide free SMS API for you to connect your applications and website for bulk SMS resellers.

In case you wish to start your own bulk SMS business here in Nigeria, you can easily connect to your provider’s API.

We are glad to inform you that Megrich Mobile API is totally free of charge. You do not need to pay for connection to our portal like some other websites do.

You also do not need to pay to buy at our cheap resellers’ price.

SMS Scheduling

  • To send SMS online or receive SMS online, one should be able to schedule messages for later delivery.

This feature is one of the most important. You may have an SMS that you want to deliver at a later time, e.g a birthday SMS that you may want to be sent at 12am.

You shouldn’t need to stay awake till 12am to achieve that. Just schedule your messages to deliver at 12am, go to bed and our portal will do the rest of the job for you.

Any bulkSMS website who prides to be the most reliable and cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria should have SMS solutions for all the above services.

Megrich mobile is a place where you can find all these and more. A trial will convince you.

You should be able to check your message history to retrieve any information you need on the best bulk SMS site in Nigeria.

What is Bulk SMS

What is bulk SMS ? As popular as bulk SMS as become, it is not surprising to still find people who are yet to know what bulk SMS is and this is the reason for this article you are reading right now.

You may have heard ‘bulk SMS’ from friends, family, various groups you belong to or even in the church. People talk about sending bulk SMS and you begin to wonder what it is right ?

This article will in few sentences answer your question ‘what is bulk SMS’.

Funny enough it’s just a combination of two English words which you should already know

BULK : meaning Many, plenty, numerous. You understand when something is said to be bulky right ?

SMS : Short Message Service as you already know. SMS is a short message unlike email that has no limit. You can almost send a whole book as email unlike SMS.

Now combining the two words BULK and SMS…………………………….

I hear you say MANY SMS, PLENTY SMS, NUMEROUS SMS. LOL. Call it whatever you wish as long as you now understand what it means.


Bulk SMS is a medium through which you can send SMS to many contacts but just at A SINGLE CLICK of the button and most times through the internet unlike the conventional way of sending SMS from your phone.

One other major difference which makes bulk SMS super is the fact that you can choose the Sender Name you desire to be displayed to your recipients when they receive your message even when it is not saved in their phones.

You just get your recipients’ phone numbers in one place, type your message and input the name which you want to display.

Click Send and messages are delivered in seconds.

You can visit, the cheapest bulk SMS provider in Nigeria to put this into action.

You can click here to do your bulk SMS registration with us and learn more things like how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria.

I must say at this point that it is expensive sending SMS in bulk through your mobile phone, I mean the conventional way but bulk SMS is cheaper and Megrich Mobile is the cheapest way to send bulk SMS.

I believe by now your question, ‘what is bulk SMS’ has been partly answered and you have understood it. The next time you will be searching google, it will be a different question and not WHAT IS BULK SMS ?

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